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tel*oa«r lOt ^ 

j. .1 ati . u ‘BRu-: jora 

Tir«ia in - Kp ^im^ Stano 

iavtitew of 

J« «UX« XMliH «fv\a« 

/ • &« > 

uoi^ oar?«»»»jiT A 

sj mlng PI (A 

nting rr ( ) 

■ ■ 

Diita Rac'd 

Fora 79 praparad ( ) 


-Cenraralon ( ) 


Data Rac'd 

Fila # 

Fora 79 praparad ( } 


Daar Sir: 

Tcu ara inatructad to conduct a fall flald Invactlgation { ) ^ 
a pralialnary Inquirp (*) CMicaming tha aDora rauaad individual. Thia 
invaatlgatien la to Da aaaimad ipaiadlatal/ and tha raaulta aailad to 
raach tha Buraau Dy actcicr 

Attachad for your aaaiatanea la a photoaUtic copy of tha Racuaat 
for Report on loyalty Data fumiahed to the Bureau on thia individual. 

p.r»o« •ontiiln th. foM^lnc Inf.rwtlon r*g«r4in( UiK 

g it»IB(re na e H nedo t* ||» »MUit A^mB SUiUoF C»»iww*i# 

Ir,, ligwavy l^9| aB ia» todia lHiili i» t'^rVa i«WT«a 

-waSi. - • ieiitJert rtk* liB IH pege IJ of Ullage ,iwri« aw>*%ra 

ti.a tpu^ vin .ufMMOSf iif a a u w it tbt m^oM the um«r «i%c liet 
of n^r. 4 ,&b^arV]ir a uhMO «il»«ripilM fsd aiiM^fUre 

o tali<^tKf)t B«t dpi# to hato to tiU auBtor, iRa aha«dita m% out 

^ollooai** Du tMa alMit tto MMB of R. AB^ItoOF /Uo. > 

Nt» Sark City* 

irt tuck ia 
oorD'^lu the nihUAfttoi 


■ r>.ata»M 'iiMiMH m Ma ImMt Oi 
. t«MUfiu IM X«k Dm IMI M 1/4*. 
<§>«lda7al{r t* 4 «.i 1 4»*» ***• IMiiiVr 

eitooF /U 

a full ClaBl iawaMjlBifi 

HsUto toftovuti ft todtofttoi 
l■M4l•tol|r ftruv*rtod Iftto 


eat nm IBM 

at* Ionia (l 

^ Fal. 


r" ^ * 

S't>2 bW •A*'l 

Tiiry truly youra, 

^ Bdgar Boover 
I, Director 


1 soorci 1 

1950 OCT 1 0 1950 ' ii V 

Dmitri n ^t\ ti\e roTttp.olA(t SlsforPAtlon 
natit h tldn AirMU in tho J>«ir Yosk iM Bro^cSjp 

^Irita iravt Moaatly 

P«K toTkp OSPtM* 

XnquirlM at X«iiit^||W.eal 0^ 

Ilotpital, ^trooklyn^ dlcoloM no data m 

at tiinae plaoaa^ aha aara aoqptaintai^lilth tha 
io a loyal Anwrican* Maishbera aad Sl^fafanaaj 
.no raaaon to doulrt tha appaintaa^a to tl 

alao Indloatad tt' aovarttl of thaaa awtt'eaa that 
aara loyal Aanrloana* 

|H and Long Xaland CoUaga 
^ appalntaa* Indiaiduala 
pntaa^ atatad that tbraaa 
l^ad that thay ioioa of 
|itiltad Stataa* It aaa 
la appQlntaa*o faaily 

nn/lUiiilial informanta limiiar wttlk^d«naunlat Party activitiaa, 
a looal law viforaainant aganey, and flhar lo^laail aouroaa )iad no Information 
rocaxvi nc tDo appolntoa. *iho eantril filaa of t^ Duraau dlacloee no 
add tlonal rofaranoaa to Alvana* 

Oaring tha oouraa of thlg^yaraau'a 
devHio ad t lat tha appointaa vaia a«|iiUy a m 
thn Conrvittao for a Oaaooratio Far i ii tain 

Tha foragoin^aaRfMfiM 
of a full fiald loyalty InYaatigat 
your ooaa: daratlon* Na furthar ai 
Vila OuraiM unlaaa aa r a qa a atadg 
diaafualnatad to any unaattMtiaod f 
no roeomandatlan ragardlBg oloon 

ty tha 

) la bod 

rlaa no Information was 
of tho i^kaia Party or 

I ahl^ la not tha raaolt 
|ia balng fitmlahad far 
j iB Ki in Uila matter ty 
P^tata ahaulid not bo 

pa* Ihla Baraau aakaa 
14 of tha ay ya i ntaa. 

•f “H) 


2 # 

Office Mem 

Director, FBT 


■ Cr 

w»»M©teH>er 3, X950 

fimc < SAC, N»w iOrk^. J 

(*/ . % 


Trainee in Caaeer - Appointee 
National Tnetitvte of KealUi 
U.S, Pub lie Health Senrtee 
Weahin^ton, D.C, 

(Bureau file Ul-Qirm) 

Rebulet 10A0/50 i 

I /. 

A review of the reo^t of SA SffAKLBY <J ^ CN^ABOWHfl, dated 
January U, 1945 et Now York entitled, "WDRKPiftS FARfl^NTRRMAt St^TRITT • WP** 
failed to refleet the elKidfioaitoe ef ^ nane H« Xf^wfUMS, 40 Sidney Place, 
Nei* York City, idileh appeared on a liit of "aulii^fi^iMra^whoae atdNioriptiona 
had expired*'. Although thia report deda not Idedli^ the n«e of the 
ixd>lleation referrid to, it ia believed to be "Ll^r Action", a ttarkera Party 

> f- 

'^t ^ottld be noted that the Ippointee replded at /O Sidney Piece, 
Brooklyn, sW TeHt during the pertlaeiil period eiiphat there ia no other 
SXDNKY Plam xia the Are bM*ouiha of York CltfK 

Qf The indioea of the New York jElfflce ela^ 
HBRRBRT^RAMS, not ^urtlMr idei At#jy ^.ii^ 
ap<maer of a HareheSdmQfitenfi^^fiiori^ 1113 
<%apel, ColunHa thimraityt, m'' 
wea spenaored by the CcMittee for e^piMraiiC fp 
haa been cited by the Aitoraay OetiarWea belpg #4 
Bxeootire Order #9835. ‘ | 

A review of the 1948 tele|lt^ dlrOcU^ 
New York City fail to rofloet any for a ti 

than a Mating fbr the appointee et I# Henry 8tri 

i ■*. 

■ •'fV / 

Ifleot tiwt one Dootor 
^ the p r ei ri ea a 

i hald et iHbenftc 
lier 3, 194i* Thia seating 
Beetem Mley, idilch 
^In the purview of 

I of tho Avw bereu^ 
msam iSEAllS, othor 
if Brooklyn, New Yerk, 

e mi knew the 


247 uo s 

d the eppp|stoe*e 



^ A ' r ili i f i * 

•^«l«iitlc record «hloh rtfUoUd *i 
trm «9roh ?9t 1943 to HtfOti 3#^ 

Thii rtoords nllootod toXlw 
i^into* wu rrandotod f roo Cor 
«Rdif^.X|nM HoOioii High Me 

rirny^fm^ ^ III 

(tirot nam hdi id.voti)* vJ|*:|; 

14^ Strooty Bro<Al^, Rof^ tO^y 

^Idnoolh Avonuoy Hot 



. « * 

. 1 ‘ 


to Director 
HY m-0837 

L^vr AiL:^r siriTH 

30? '?««* Mechmic Street, Hf'rrlaonrllle, Missouri 

Dr. J, MAfcfTLTON GHj^tiPORD, Chief of Medicine, edvieed that he had 
known the appointee for a oeriod of one year and considers him loyal to the 
Dnited States, 

Doctor H(r.VAHD RR0NDU:i, Staff Fhysicltn, advised that ho reoalla 
the appointee, but did not know hiia well anou^ to conment concernin;^ hia 

Doctor WI'XTAK DOCK, Kings County Hospital, advised that the anpointee 
had interned un er him a Lohr Island College Hospital, Doctor DOCK stated that 
he considered i£R/A^ a loyal Aaerlosn* 


40 Sidney Plaoe 
Brooklyn, New York 

Ml38 ANNS RUSHL, Apartment IB advised that she had known the 
appointee and his wife for s period of one year, but not inblnstely, yiss 
rtJSHL stated that she did not feel qualified to eoment concerning the 
loyalty of the appointee or his wife. Miss RUKHL stated that she is the only 
tenant in the building who resided there during the same period as Doctor AB!1AMS, 

Mr. LEONARD BRUNATa, AttM'ney, 50 Court Street, Brooklyn, New York, 
advised that as owner of the jroperty at 40 Sidney Place he came to knew the 
Wintae s-nd hie wife fairly well. Mr. BRUNJ8R stated that the ABRAMS bad 
lived at 40 oidney ^Isce for a period of about three years* Mr. 3R0NNSR 
stated that Se regards the loyalty ef «»e appointee and his wife he could give 
only a negative etstement that he hed no reason to believe either ABRAMS or 
his Jislojral, 

.372 Heniy Street 

Brooklyn, New York 

^ * a!!'’®* BRJWN, Superintendent, adelxed that she has been emplpyad 

rt that KtdTM. for > short porlod of tin tnd doo. not know tho oppolntoo. 

- 3 - 

li9Lt«r t'; •^ir^'ctor 

Urs. J. V. De ANt)REAf>L3, Apartment 2 A, advifod that sh- did not 
know the appointee or his wife well «nou(?h to comment on their loyalty. 

•urs. nCTOR GALDOarSI, Apertnent 3A, advised thft she knew the 
appointee end wife for two years, suP considered them loyfl /jner leans. Mrr. 
GCIIiORISI stated thr.t she had taken car? of the ABRAMS* baby on several 
occfsioii?, and h^<d never noticed any literature in thrxr apartment, of a type 
to cause her to doubt the loyalty of the appointee, 

Mra. R. C, TRSBLS, Apartment 4A, advised thrt she knew the ABRAKS 
family for obout two ye ore, but did ''.now them well enough to comment on 
their loyalty to the United States. 

•C lli i.1^ u » 

i^tor IRVING SANDS, ?02 New York Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, 
advised that he has known t4*e appointee for ten years, and considers him a 
high type Individual of unquestioned loyeity to the United States. Dr. SA^S 
stated that he ie acquainted with the aptwintee’s parenta, the appointee's 
wife, and her family, anrf that they are all reputable people, thoroughly loyal 
to the United States. 


The following Confidsntlel Infomaats, all of known reli^lUty 
who ere familiar with general Conemnlat Party activity in the New York area, 
advised that ABRAl^S la unknown to themi 

Confidential Informant a I I 

Records of the Credit Bureau of Oreeter New York reflect a credit 
retlncr of **0ood'' for the apporintoe. 

Records of the Buraau ot Special Servioea wi Inveatlgatlon md the 
Bureau of Criminal Identlfleation ef the New York City Polioe Department reflect 
no Irtformatlen concerning the appointee <xr hla wife. 

Since the foregoli^ inveetigetlon failed to develop any subetantlve 
allesationa of disloyalty, and sinoe the appointee la considered loyal by 
fellow doctors and neighbors, no further inwaetlgation will be oonduoted by 
this Office. RUC. 

- 4 - 

DATE 10-03 “20iS BY: r4fill7SK25 



KMftMtit 13, 1954 


Born: Au/ruat 16, K20 
Naw York Cl tv, N^w York 

l" ‘ ' ' f • . , 

' ' "<54 


The files of thlt Bureau reflect thet Dr> Herb ert 
Abpafpg, not further loentiried, was Hated on a prorrem anon- 
aorinjr Mershal Fonr Tu Hsiang at a memorial raeetinr held at 
I^ilbank Chapel, Colximbia University, New York City, on 
December 3> 194^« This meetlnf; reportedly wns sponsored 
by the Committee for « DjmociHitlc Far Kratern Holley, an 
or/ranisatlon which has been designated by the Attorney 
General pursiiant to Executive Order 104 50. A review of 
the 194?* teleplione directoriea in New York Cltv contained a 
listing of only one Dr* Herbert Abrams, which Included the 
address of 272 Henry Street, Brooklyn, Hew York* It Is 
noted that your request form reflects the sddreee for 
1945-194B, 272 Henry Street, Brooklyn, Hew York* 

Upon the baele of the foregoing Inlormetion, an 
appropriate inquiry wan Initiated by the FHT in 1950, under . 
the provisions of Exsoutivs Order 9835* Inquirlee at / i 

Lonr Island Medical College end Long Island College Hospital,/ : 

Brooklyn, dlacXosed no disloyal data on Abrams* Individuals^/ 

at theaa places, who wars soqusintsd with Abrams, stated / 
that he was a loyal Aasrlcsn* Nsighbors and a raferancs 
advised th't they knew of no reason to doubt Abrams* loyalty 
to the United States* It was indlestsd also by several sources 
t Jiot t he msmbere of Abrame family wars loyal Amariesns* 

ConyTitswi Ijl inf orris nts familiar with Coamuniat Party 
activities, e local law enforeeaent aganey, and other logical 
sourcea had no information regarding Abrams* In addition, 

TatsM . 

fl **»J*i * i>.. 




Orig, to; ONI - 39 ' A' / i ^ Z- 

RR: July 13, 1954/’ / 

W* L. J^athrb ^ AP iP ^ / 

■ / 6 



IWey. -/ 

£!£c3UQ ; i 1954 

Mm G**rff 


the files of this Bureau <llsolosetl no additional pertinent 
Information* During the course of ^is inquiry no inf or* 
mation was dereloped that AVraas was a*ctually a aenber of 
the OoBffilttee for a Democrat io For la stern Policy* 


On Koveaber 13i 1950, the above Information 
wns furnished to the Civil Service Coaai salon, and in the 
absence of a specific request, no further action has been 
taken by this Pureau. 

The foregoing information is furnished to you 
as the result of your requeit for an FBI file check and is 
not to be construed as a clearance or a nonelearance of 
the individual involved. This inforaation Is furnished for 
your use and should not be disseainatad outside of your agency. 

Prod: — - — 



\ ^ 



V • . . r-^ />/ 

;•.* . ‘v : •'/iiSiiiiATic::! i:^ ^ 

f. . .: . ::r^3:T:vc rc:iTio:i 

I' if i; 1(1 ions ri.n otir’i siOi) 

1 1 I . <■ .'. iiuiro N4.i*e’, 


I' ‘ 

Kooa L, 

H . 


.1 r-A^ , ■ ir. ■, cl..»n'.L’a 

.'> H'fdl. 


. . ■; L 

■ Aoi. 

n ! ‘.d.oi / * 

SIDE) Vy i / 

'-.miio C/.ir Of l.l'S MO.'M / 

4 April 1959 / 

»CA0T *• OATl. (.1 lilBiH / 

HAci w> 

> J HpwOforlC . 

<• Xj '-'Ait 

“ ' ‘r**A'.TrT7'"'^i' tiV(H Of 11‘oost OR — - 

t. '.I 'i U'\tVi:. '.>‘v.L. (&iv« tomo intotmutiftn 

Marilyn Spits • born Soptambor Ik^ Haw York /* ^ ! 

. . V \ Marriad 19^3* Haw York • ^ ^ 

‘ Mti m ■ • A . ’’ ^i*ii‘ilw, 4li<*n ‘rvcUtfdtiBn "nbn.b^,~7««miw'r^‘Mfiifk«t« si 

Annad Sve. Sarlal #12221Mio 

US Aray 

/' - - niAf: . : • V '‘^1 fUAL ..KCAfJI^A'tONS OR THC&E WHICH SHOW RUIOICUS 

Assn, of Unlvaralty Radiologists; Amarlean Madical Assn* 

; .i<(i til : » J .nu.tfy t, I9i/. Cofliniit ur ; i:,;.i IV VK OllWf liOt it MCOS^iryt- 

<i*y ' 

961 Peninsula Way 

Manto Park 


40 Madrona Avanua 



1400 daffarson St* 

San Francisco 


1362 Masonic Ava* 

San Francisco 


272 Kanry Straat 



40 SIdnay Placa 



1544 E. 14th Straat 



Cornall Uhl varsity 

' Ithaca 

, N.Y. 

* ^ * 

lliS, NAMtl 3m(T A. . . I'- ; < •■. | aittl f|o ti,., k ig j.inuBtY^t IV37. Cue r- r uttitt «t*m 19 on oiiiM ti4i if tiKOiTity). 

9 c:^ oresanl^ Stanfor4 ,Un> of Medicine ?aIo Alto Calif. 

[• W943 

« 1959 ^ Stanford U* School of Madlclno San francltco* Calif* 

19 ^ ^ Montaf I ora Hospital Maw York» Haw Y rk 

19^7 ^ Long island Cot logo Hospital Now York» Now Y8rk 

1946 * school and uaaopl^ad 


1945 nU.S. Arnor ; I . 

‘ ^ ‘ I -To juL-.* 


! C £ R T I F 1 C A 1 10 N 
, ’ : 

I I^^Pir t*t*r .. <> ik tftrm 
I Of Avntlt.lMlMI 

-I > ■' .1 "<• »li' •! s»<n*nitl>tv rtr. tnd •* ^*1 't'Y k«0wl«f« BfMl b*!i^f, 

biWOWy 3-8-61 . Imr^l . 

* fl ^ SKiNAi .Bi; iM.i" O'iffndl •nif; ' *' / 

1 ; I If ut I'fi.oM Aikii ciA,^ Sf.e^f / 1,5 fiAff Of ®uiy ' M 

.NTS $3500 p/a ' 


^*(§Vi'pi)tf«/;fNT Attandlag In R 

ttPIID Q COtAPHiIlVk i::. .-y. 

H a tt*A«tMklii»* 

Attandi^ in Radiology $25 iP/vis4^y^S?flP.^^^^^ Cal. 

ftPACI KR fli USE (Sc. alko itc-n 30; * 

^pdesw^dw. 08io|. SK RCVtSSE 8I0E 


ESI SIDE JlFWnSiicit, H, ». 


• CAlgQBg^ 

7/ia i. «#.tafeOiat M^OA<* tHOidi 

4 ^ ^ *1 I 



July 7, 1961 

Plttasd retmr to tho lotter to Civil Sorvtco Coiamlsslon from 
[ho FBI da tod KOvombor 13 » 1930, ontitlod **Horbort Loroy Abramo, 

^alnoo in Cancor-*Appointoo, Kational Zaotituta of Hoalth, 0. S. Public 
[oalth Sorvicoi Washington, D. C. , Loyalty of Qovornmont Saployoeo*' 

Lvil Sorvico Comnisuion caso sorial numbor 4.51.3145, which portains 
[o tho onployoo. No additional information concoraing tho omployeo 
contained in FBI files and no further ifi^wstigation is contemplated 
the absence of a specific request* ilfis is furnished for your 
iformation ai^ should not be disseminated tO unauthorised persons 
agetfies. ^is should not be considered as a clearance or 
.sapp^ral fo£ Federal employment. 

?B; Pic condi^ed basis being his name appeared on list of '^subscribers 

»rkers Party 

ose 8 ub; 4 cripbi^BS had expired'^ to "Labor Action," an organ of the 
Irarty. 6 

^ % / 

11 - 24790 "^^ ^ ^ 

tAsbra / 



if*- • 



■ •''p.v 

n. CJvIt f.'iww* 

t 2 , F. P. M.) 

1. Finx NAMC 
I B*»rt 

*>twl rt n < iwp w >s •< 
hill nd«n« fit* 

n ^CtLC 

\ - , 


«W tW«Tlt<KT10W> OH OTKy^ll 
I Pint NMftMi IM I«t » N< 

MATwTTcSeui* . 

“iToATi'of tPHTH , 

j. VtACf o# iinrii 
®/, /t yVfO 

/7 sr’HjA iM a __ 

^ //O'-? Jt/ror 

H. OllltH NAMPS by faniMr > wM >| H i, tmtm»r 

»'«in«ci «.iM*r>d<iii^)<ti!i^r «tUmfwlWi. ^f H*«. nlckn<tme«. flt«. Ufivvf witkh, 

anti ih*it f< *i* X uifMllA 

'i: - . " ./' ■ a L . 

* MA«»<yo. wioowm. on pivoncgo. oive pull t AMT T tfW UAie wni PLm.t or tnrTH~<w syowi'^ I 

on FOh^UK Sr*Ol<;4;. ANO OA^e AMO flACC OP MARRlACt. INCtWOC W»ft*5 MAtOtN NAML «SIV« I 

mtotfiHttlon tryaftllfl* an |«t«vl«u4 mOfrlitt— I. *'. t I 


•■ « '«•■'""*• 0 ii»««iAnoNro«TA« 

^ <>Ay/Af yy/yyi aVa>« » ' 

1 9. DATES AND PLACES Of RCSIOfNCC (P^tn »rtih ptvMnrwW •« lM<k l« Januwy t* IWt. Canllnu* Mn<w tHw I f m •(*«« ittfa It ntcamcyl. 
tSESl ' 12. KwMp am M*t«t . It CHT .. ttntb 

I fCy/^ S P^n ; 7J^ ^ ^ ^/pwv'/ 3^ /V V ^■ 

T. NllMlltns iAm-..ul Sorvicyv nwtlal nuttihcn, Soclol Socwrliy numbar, p«U(Mrt numbor, allon ra^tmotlon numbor, t— w>n*« corfu” 

twat* at Mantiflcalloti, »it. S^oclfr wtnchl. ■ 

iT ^ ^ ‘ ‘ * ‘*V^ '■ * * . . 

*.WIT»t Wt^KH AfPlLIATCD IPaat and momMI OntfiR THAN Ra.iaiOUS OA POLITICAS. ONOANtZArtOHl'oil ' thOSI 


yj 4 . : 


77 ' 

7 '/^ 

Kn»»MP am Mttrt . i 2 £<2 

X;Vv if'./y' ./* i^/r-nT/yxP 



. a> . 



tAJ ^'A ■ • ■ /I- y/v* 


sA^y^/r Sf S^ZLt' 

^ ' x*'/.’ ‘V/XVif-'* J 


^?.r . 


y T * r r <'>f.*w^j ^ P/^a/c. 

' -51' \ V 

. ,k, .* ’»•*»» >-■ 

. /. / • 










March 7, 1963 

»BT ^ ^ ^ E®**^*? lettar to tha CSC fro* tha 

?r *■ •ntltlad, «Harbart Laror Abraas, 

* App^'j National Xnatitutaa of Haalth 

EJ***?^® Haalth Sarrioa^ taahincton* D.C, Loralty 
^ployaaai*** G*C casa sarial nuabar '4,^.3li5. 
which partaina to tha aaployaa. 

Incr thu ftfldltlonal iirformnfion concern. 

Inf this Individual. No InvMtljmtion Is cohtenip}.''..V(i u,,.}-. 

Th . , ,r j .. r r ' '■ '""■’‘'•'■''“l <■"•• •'•ic .'l «mplo.vment. 

H>-.n.'‘r‘ '■ "’ l-o-xon. 


Of aaployaa*8 naaa appearing on 
Sttbacrlbawwhoaa aubacriptiana had axpirad.** to 
Labor Action,** an organ of tha Workara Party, 

JJM; rar^,^/kV 


' J